Unique Women

What makes a woman unique?

Let's face it, uniqueness is something that we all strive for. We travel to world's end in hope of being the one that stands out in the crowd. It's where our motivation comes from and why we make the decisions we make.

We often look to celebrities and whatever is shown in the media to tell us what is unique and what is in. There is no uniqueness in this, why should we have to believe what the media tells us and why should we trust their tastes in fashion? We shouldn't! Uniqueness means doing what we believe defines us. 

Celebrity endorsed products are often just overpriced and nothing special. Just because it was worn by a celebrity does not necessarily mean good quality either.

The answer:

The simple answer is to wear what suits you the best. Depending on your body shape and figure, there are different types of dresses that will flatter those curves. A maxi dress is ideal for someone who is tall and slim. A V-line dress is great for someone who was so accentuate the breast area. 

Purchasing from high-end retailers is all but buying into the marketing. Purchase from fashion boutiques that has your styles. The fashion boutiques will often have a much more unique selection of designs and styles that will suit your needs. Their pricing will also be a whole lot better. They don't spend millions marketing a product to you, they are experts in their field and knows fashion for what it is. 

There will rarely be a time that you walk into a high-end retailer where the customer service representatives actually know the products that they're selling. Of all the large companies out there, it's only a few select companies that do and most of which fall into the technology field. I have walked into a handful of boutiques, and there was a time I was looking for an evening dress for a New Years party. They knew exactly what I wanted and made suggestions that were actually reasonable and helpful. If you walk into a car dealership, they'll try to sell you the most expensive car. It's the same concept when it comes to high-end retailers. You will also be able to find a truly unique dress.

Also remember to do some research on what other people on the internet suggest is right for your body type. Make sure there are plenty of facts to back up the points being made. Make sure there are examples that follow and images as well. I have read a ton of articles online and you should be able to find just as many!

I hope this helps all the people with shopping addictions out there!

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